Extension Water Programs Internship

Water Resource Restoration and Protection 


Application Deadline: April 10, 2023



► Earn 3 undergraduate “internship” credit hours + $12/hr compensation

► Gain experience in ongoing surface water quality restoration and protection projects

► Go behind the scenes with a Watershed Coordinator, and learn methods used nationally to improve surface water quality

► Participate in occasional day trips to project/program sites (primary internship location is in College Station)

► Present to a public audience as a team member

► Develop skills necessary to produce workshops/meetings and perform effective outreach

► Aid in the coordination and delivery of summer youth activities

► Visit ag and urban BMP sites to see how they are constructed and function




By interning with this program, you will work as a member of a team providing input and support for various watershed management and education programs, including the Geronimo Creek Watershed Project; Texas Watershed Steward Program; and Mill Creek Watershed Project.  This position will also support other related water quality programs of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.  By assisting with the facilitation of public meetings, and supporting other project efforts as needed, the candidate will be involved in all aspects of water quality program operations, including delivery of educational programs to watershed stakeholders. Such facilitation includes: the development of educational resources (PowerPoint slide sets, web pages, news releases, etc.); assisting with implementation of existing watershed protection plans (task coordination and development of proposals and programs in support of project goals); performing occasional day-trip travel with program staff in an Extension vehicle; and development of project reports. Therefore, the selected candidate would have the opportunity to work closely with other team members, Extension Specialists and County Agents, river authorities, and state and federal agency partners.  By successful completion of this internship, the candidate is able to earn 3 credit hours of “internship” credit and compensation of $12/hr.




● Students with U3 or U4 classification as of May 30, 2023

● Willing to work 20 hours/week from a start date of Tuesday, May 30, 2023 to an end date of Tuesday, August 8, 2023

● Have demonstrable interest in water resource restoration and protection/management and public outreach


Water photo


Below are three documents for the open Water Resource Restoration and Protection Program Internship.  The first document is a PDF flyer describing the position’s benefits and qualifications.  The second document is the internship application and associated application instructions.  The third document contains a form on page 6 and 7 that will ultimately be filled out if you desire to complete this internship for college credit through the SCSC Department (consult with your student advisor and the persons listed below).

  1. Student Internship Position Announcement Flyer
  2. Internship Application Form
  3. SCSC Dept Internship College Credit Manual



Dr. Jake Mowrer                                        Michael Kuitu, PG, CFM
jake.mowrer@tamu.edu            or           mkuitu@tamu.edu
979-845-5366                                             979-862-4457

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