Curriculum Handbook

Download the Texas Watershed Steward Curriculum Handbook (14 MB)
Updated April 2022

As a reminder, ALL workshop participants will receive a copy of the Curriculum Handbook at no cost. If you are interested in purchasing extra copies, please follow the link below.

Click here to purchase the TWS Curriculum Handbook from the Texas AgriLife Extension Bookstore (cost $18.48 plus S&H)

The curriculum will be tailored to address the potential impairments of each watershed. This curriculum handbook will supplement TWS trainings and will include the following topics:

  1. Program Introduction
    • About the Handbook
    • About the Texas Watershed Steward Program
    • Who are Texas Watershed Stewards?
    • The Importance of Watershed Stewardship
    • The World’s Water
    • Water Use in the United States
    • Texas Water Facts
  2. Overview of Watershed Systems
    • What is a Watershed?
    • Watersheds in Texas
    • How do Texans Use Watersheds?
    • Principles of Watershed Hydrology
    • Natural Watershed Features and Functions
  3. Overview of Watershed Impairments
    • Water Quantity and Quality
    • Point and Nonpoint Sources of Pollution
    • Consequences of Impaired Water Quality
    • Human Land Use Impacts on Water Quantity and Quality
    • Water Quality Law and Policy in Texas
    • Water Quality Testing, Monitoring, and Regulation
  4. Managing to Improve Watershed Function
    • Why Manage on a Watershed Basis?
    • Water Quality Improvement Projects (TMDL, WPP)
    • Best Management Practices and Urban and Agricultural Settings
    • Management of Non-Domestic Animals and Wildlife
    • Small Acreage Water Quality Stewardship
    • Improving Water Quality Around the Home
  5. Community-Driven Watershed Protection and Management
    • Importance of Local Watershed Involvement
    • Forming and Sustaining Community Watershed Organizations and Partnerships

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